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Celebratory days

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 800th anniversary, the University of Padua organizes a series of celebratory days featuring some of the most influential figures on the national and international artistic, cultural and scientific scene.

May 19 – Aula Magna, Bo Palace
Inauguration of the 800th academic year

May 19 – Botanical Garden
A confrontation with infinity
Nobel lecture of Gerardus’t Hooft

May 19-23 – Turin
Unipd Events at the Salone del libro

May 20 – Aula Magna, Bo Palace
On the Physics of Consciousness
Nobel lecture by Roger Penrose

May 20 – Aula Magna, Bo Palace
Freedom and the economy: Neoliberalism, the individual and society
Nobel lecture by Joseph Eugene Stiglitz

May 21 – Aula Magna, Bo Palace
Stem cell science and the genesis of new therapeutic strategies for patients
Derrick Rossi’s conference

May 23 – Botanical Garden
Can the non-human speak? Other Beings in Myth, Literature and Ethnography
Freedom lecture by Amitav Ghosh

May 23 – Aula Magna, Bo Palace
The usefulness of useless knowledge
Round table

May 23 – Italian Institute of Culture,  Istanbul
Padova, Venezia, Istanbul
Egidio Ivetic’s conference

May 24 – Hall of the Giants, Liviano Palace
Spaghetti and Levi Civita. The mathematician who saved Einstein 
Theatrical performance

May 24 – Aula Magna, Bo Palace
Mathematical challenges in an AI driven world
Round table

May 25 – Auditorium Pollini
Optimal transportation ubiquity
Alessio Figalli’s conference