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8X8: Eight Stories for Eight Centuries

The proposal of events developed by the Department of Cultural Heritage (DBC), called 8×8: 8 storie per 8 secoli offers eight stories covering the last eight centuries in celebration of the University of Padua 800th Anniversary.

From March to December 2022, teachers and researchers of the DBC propose a schedule of multidisciplinary events (seminars / conferences / guided tours / theatrical performances), which aims to illustrate the connections between academic and city life. The first segment of initiatives, realized in collaboration with the Civic museums, is dedicated to the ancient and pre-university city, reflecting on the reasons and motivations behind the University’s foundation.

The objective is to unveil the works and places associated with women and men whose actions over the different centuries have built upon the life and structures of the University. How to enhance its cultural heritage by taking into account the different levels of its use and redirecting the flow of visitors to the lesser-known areas. Opening up and showing these areas means responding to the inclusive and free vocation of the University, which are the heart and soul of the city. (Matteo Dandolo, Ambassador of Venice 1549).

All events are held on Saturdays, participation is open by reservations only.
Infos and reservations: www.beniculturali.unipd.it/8×8

The schedule may undergo slight variations, please see specific pages for updates and changes. The events are held in Italian.


Saturday, March 12

  • Conferences: Il Dipartimento dei Beni culturali per gli 800 anni dell’Università di Padova (The Department of Cultural Heritage for the 800th Anniversary of the University of Padua
  • La Padova delle origini: nascita e sviluppo del centro urbano tra protostoria ed età romana  (The birth of a city: Protohistoric Age to the Roman Empire, the origins and development of Padua)
  • Guided tour

Saturday, March 26

  • Conference: Cultura, economia e società nella Padova antica (Culture, economy and society in ancient Padua)
  • Guided tour
  • Performance: Eroi, by Andrea Pennacchi, with Giorgio Gobbo and Sergio Marchesini


Saturday, April 9

  • Guided tour

Friday, April 29

  • Performance Ezzelino, as the son of the Devil, with original text by Silvia Gorgi. Directed, adapted, and interpreted by Vittorio Attene along with the Sugarpulp Association theater company.


Saturday, May 21

  • Conference: Il libro miniato come fonte di conoscenza: dall’umanesimo di Petrarca alla scienza dell’Erbario carrarese (The Illuminated Manuscripts as a source of knowledge-Petrarch as the Father of Humanism to the science of the Carrarese Herbarium)
  • Guided tour
  • Performance on the goliardia padovana, a reading, music and singing (Compagnia Carichi Sospesi)


Saturday, June 11

  • Conference: Le arti a Padova nel Quattrocento: tra interessi antiquari, saperi umanistici e avanguardia prospettica (Fifteenth Century Art in Padua: between the Antiquarian, Humanities, and the Avant-garde)
  • Thematic itineraries in Padua
  • Reading of “Blu Paonazzo” the story of Donatello and Mantegna in Padua (Stefano Eros Macchi and Marta Bettuolo from the Teatro de Linutile Company)


Saturday, July 2

  • Conference: In dialogo sul 500 (A dialogue on the 500)
  • Thematic itineraries in Padua
  • Performance: Luca Chiavinato with Eleonora Fuser, Le donne nella commedia dell’arte (Women in the professional theatre)

Saturday, July 9

  • Conference: Marco Mantova Benavides e la sua collezione (The Collection of Marco Mantova Benavides)
  • Museum of Archaeological Sciences and Art: activities, guided tours and educational workshops
  • Thematic itineraries in Padua
  • Concert by the Concentus Musicus Patavinus: Cantiamo insieme! Musiche del repertorio dei canti di maestri e studenti (Let’s Sing Together! Music and song by the students and professors of Padua)


Saturday, September 17

  • Conference: Pittori veneti e ‘foresti’ nella Padova del Seicento (Venetian and international painters in Padua during the 17th century)
  • Guided tour
  • Thematic itinerary in Padua
  • Performance Il Dialogo de Cecco di Ronchitti da Bruzene in perpuosito de la stella nuova (Dialogue of Cecco di Ronchitti of Brugine concerning the New star), by Associazione Bel Teatro
  • Guided tour of the Sala dei Quaranta and Galileo’s podium


Saturday, October 8

  • Conference: Padova settecentesca: testimonianze pittoriche e letterarie (Padua in the 18th Century – images and literature)
  • Thematic itineraries in Padua
  • Reading on the “dangerous” triangle between Casanova, Andrea Memmo and Giustiniana Wynne, Associazione Sugarpulp


Saturday, November 5

  • Conference, virtual tour of “L’Egitto di Belzoni” (The Egypt of Giovanni Battista Belzoni)
  • Guided tour of the Egyptian Room and Main Floor of Pedrocchi Café, Sala egizia del Piano nobile
  • Visit of the sale belzoniane at the Musei civici agli Eremitani
  • Conferences: Arte a Padova nell’Ottocento (19th Century Art in Padua)
    Il caffè Pedrocchi, Jappelli, l’università e la città (Pedrocchi Café, Jappelli, the University, and the city)

Saturday, November 19

  • Conference: The Pedrocchi – the 19th century meeting place of culture in Padua: frequent visitors and its archaeological history 
  • Visit of the Musei civici agli Eremitani Pre-Roman Rooms
  • Thematic itineraries in Padua
  • Reading of Il collezionista di crani, by Associazione Sugarpulp
  • Guided tour of the Aula di Medicina Collection of Skulls and the Anatomical Theatre of Palazzo Bo


Monday, December 12

  • Concert by the Concentus Musicus Patavinus: Music at the University

Saturday, December 17

  • Conferences: Carlo Anti, Gio Ponti: la storia della storia dell’arte all’Università di Padova (Carlo Anti and Gio Ponti; The story of the history of art at the University of Padua)
  • Guided tour of Palazzo Liviano and at the exhibition Group N and the psychology of perception in Padua
  • Thematic itineraries in Padua
  • Performance of Uomini in trincea (Men in the Trenches) by and with Giacomo Rossetto. Followed by a guide tour and visit of the Jannis Kounellis sculpture located in the Cortile Nuovo of Palazzo Bo
  • Performance by Tam Teatrodanza